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Marin County Bicycle accident statistics 2001-2013

Troy Peterson, EMS Specialist for the Marin County Emergency Medical Services Agency

Troy Peterson

Troy Peterson, EMS Specialist for the Marin County Emergency Medical Services Agency provided me with chart below which gives the number of cycling accidents in Marin County between 2001 and 2013. The 2013 data is brand new. Mr. Peterson wrote that “this data comes from the electronic medical records that our EMS system prehospital providers fill out on all patients.”


The number for 2013 confirms the data I received from Mike Giannini in my first post. What is new here is the indication of a dramatic rise in cycling accidents in the County over the last four years. My experience tells me the increase is probably due to the increased number of cyclists on the road. What remains striking is the overall number of accidents which equates to more a one accident per day.


 Marin County Bicycle Accidents 2001-2013
Marin County Cycling Accidents 2001-2013

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